Aegean sun gives its light to Akbuk as a gift by gathering it with vibrant yellow, hope of blue and peaceful green. Akbuk is the name of a natural wonder that its air, like that is releasing as a bride of the sun in the sky and rain is running high with songs, never makes you feel cold. Akbuk is a corner of paradise on the Aegean Coast with its unique geographical location, excellent climate, natural beauties and beautiful beaches.

Geographical Location
Akbuk is 23 km. away from the center of Didim and 106 km. away from the center of the province of Aydin. Covering an area of 5 thousand hectares Akbuk has 15-kilometers long coastline on the gulf of Mandalya and 3 bays called Cukur, Yavan and Yarik.

Akbuk beaches are one of the largest and most preferred beaches on the Aegean Coast. It has a large walking band from the harbour to East and West.


Akbuk is far from the bustle of big cities, the life of metropole and the noise and has very clean air. It is the meeting point of sea blue and forest green. It is like a paradise for holidaymakers who want to enjoy sea, sun and beach. Akbuk is so favorite in tourism and is rapidly becoming a modern place with its hotels, hostels, resorts, bars, discos and urban facilities. Akbuk is becoming more attractive by being far away from the negative factors that you can see in many other tourism centers like overly concrete building, pollution and overcrowding.

Medical Tourism
The beauties with all the generosity of nature are offered to the residents in Akbuk that the intertwined green and blue and sun shade. In addition to this, Akbuk provides opportunities for the patients of asthma to stop using drugs, with its oxygen that is defying to asthma. The combination of oxygen-rich air and iodized sea air breeze shows a miraculous effect on asthma patients. This feature makes Akbuk is indispensable in medical tourism. If you are suffering from asthma this magnificient air in Akbuk will make you feel good.


Water Sports
Akbuk is just the right bay for water sports like sailing and skiing. The interest in water sports is increasing everyday. You can enjoy the sea and sand and sunbathe comfortably in spanking clean beaches of Akbuk. You can walk and make sport on the beach and on the sports equipment on seaside.

Another sport that you can do in Akbuk is hiking. Nature of the forest with century-old trees in Akbuk is waiting to be discovered.

There are water resources at the bottom of the sea in Akbuk that has a generous nature. Thanks to these natural resources the bay stays very clean and the fish of Akbuk’s sea has so delicious flavor. With rich variety, fishery has been one of the indespensable food source. The most delicious fish dishes on our region are gilt-head bream, sea bass, flounder and gray mullet.


History and Historical Places
The presence of the first human settlements in Akbuk goes back to ancient times . The first traces of settlement in the region of Akbuk is based on up to ,the Chalcolithic Age,  BC 4000. According to archaeological findings, some foundlings belonging to the year BC 3000, the Bronze Age, have been seized between Saplı Island and Kömürlu Island. In BC 6th century city of Teickioussa is known as a great city in Akbuk region. This city was taking place in the South of the Ionian Region and 25 kilometers southeast of the Miletus city. In the lists of Atikte-Delos Union, this city is seen as connected to Miletus. Hippedamos which has a planned settlement and belongs to BC 6th century on Sapli Island was destroyed later. The city walls around the settled area were destroyed by the sea. Also there is a Greek church in Akbuk. Akbuk is as stop of historic civizilations.

Greek Church
Historical Greek church that is still intact today was restored under the leadership of the Municipal and began to serve as a cultural center and library from 2007. This churc was built in 1870s during the Ottoman period and located on the edge of the Pier. It is used as a primary school in 1970s and has two entrance doors. It is a nice example of stonework.

The Chapel (Vaulted Building)
The Chapel that belongs to time of Roman’s pressure on Christianity has been protected as a secret Chapel till today. According to some old men that lived in this area, it is known that the Chapel is used as a laundry and is used for various purposes.

Historical Water Cistern
With its water carriers, the Water Cistern that was one of the most magnificient architectural monuments from the Greeks time was one of the most brilliant source of drinking water. Despite the rapid flowing of time and the brutality of transformation, people feel the impulse to re-establish that city when see the ruins of the Akbuk’s houses and thier walls.


Sapli Island 
Saplı Island that is streching like a bridge between its body and the shore is a distinct beauty of natüre. Hippedamos which belongs to BC 6th century on Sapli Island was destroyed later time. Despite the fact that the city walls around the settlement were destroyed by the sea, it is possible to see the ruins of the walls in some places. Actually Saplı Island is a peninsula. There is a sea road in the sea for a vehicle to pass out easily. It is possible to pass out to the island by foot on the ebb tide and when the sea rises the land and island can be disconnected. The island is similar to a coffee pot when viewed from above and is a perfect option for excellent beaches. The island is not only a piece of land but also like a balcony that is juttin into the sea. With the smells of the sea and the land in spring, it is becoming a privillage tol ive in Akbuk.